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Getting to the Root of Substance Abuse Problems

substance abuse underlying causeSubstance abuse problems never flourish simply because a person enjoys a particular substance. Substance abuse flourishes when a person is not mentally healthy enough to take care of themselves. Everyone enjoys certain substances that are meant to be moderated. The trouble is there are those of us who are unable to moderate their intake of these substances and begin to self destruct by constantly pursuing them. This problem has roots in a person's psyche and a number of factors may contribute to them, such as environmental and psychological factors.

Possible environmental factors that contribute to a person's substance abuse problem may include other family members who abuse substances, romantic involvement with a substance abuser or life stress that is pressing the person to find an escape. Environmental factors are ones that present elements that are out of the substance abuser's control. If a person does not know how to properly cope with negative environmental influences, they may respond with poor decision making or mentally unhealthy behavior. This can include escape into substance abuse.

Another common cause of a substance abuse problem is biological or genetic factors. These are the kind that have to do with a person's physical chemical make up, which is out of their control. For example, the condition called poly-cystic ovary is a hormone condition that affects many women. Some of its by-products are depression and chronic overeating, which can put a woman at a much higher risk of a co-occurring disorder between mental problems and food addiction. Many people do not realize how many biological conditions affect a person's mental health and substance habits.

Substance abuse problems are hard on everyone, particularly the person abusing the substance and those who care about them, but compassion is essential to understanding a substance abuse problem. There is more than recklessness taking place inside the substance abuser. They may be much less in control of their behavior than other people realize. If someone in your life is abusing a substance, do not turn a blind eye to them or judge them. Seek professional substance abuse counseling for them and intervene into their potentially dangerous behavior.

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